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Naveed is what you will expect to not see in a comedian. A first generation FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) immigrant from Bangladesh and an engineer (surprise, surprise), he threw himself into the world of comedy fueled by his burning desire to tell a great story to his grand kids when he’s 80. He owes it all to the famous Sandi C. Shore, whose comedy workshop opened up a new side of him that he never knew existed. Growing up as a person who feared public speaking, a fear second only to death, Naveed now lives for the very rush of being on stage to lighten people’s minds and hearts in an otherwise stressed out world.

Naveed is an observationist and bases his material on culture, politics, contemporary issues, immigrants/immigration, religion, Corporate America and stories from his lifelong passion, travel. His comedy is un-offensive, un-hurtful and 150% clean (he doesn’t know that many dirty English words anyway). Besides, why limit humor to a limited audience?

The Engineer Naveed (Dr. Jekyll) has kept the Comedian Naveed (Mr. Hyde) within Area 51. Aside from his fellow comedian friends, only his wife and best friend, Zara, knows of his evening affairs. This web site and his rapid growth into the world of comedy, is likely to put an end to that. The cat is now out of the bag…

Aside from his native Bengali, Naveed is fluent in English (when not mumbling) and knows a little Spanish, Hindi and Urdu. He can read/write Arabic (no, he’s not a terrorist). Naveed is a Competent Toastmaster and has appeared in lead roles in four TV commercials – Pepsi, Peps Toothpaste, Red Cow Milk and Duncan Tea which were aired on national television in Bangladesh. He was also a regular on Bangladesh’s largest and first radio station, Bangladesh Betar (Radio Bangladesh), for educational programs. He also appeared in quiz shows and children’s drama on Bangladesh Television.

Naveed is 20 years behind in joining his fellow comedians on the rough road to success. In the meantime, he got his BS in Electrical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology and MS in Electrical Engineering from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The lure of Corporate America made him intentionally flunk his PhD qualifying exams, only to eventually discover his mere upgradation to a glorified peon-extraordinary. Regardless, he owes a debt to his employers in between - Takata, Wingcast, Ford Motor Company, Kyocera-Wireless and Qualcomm, for making him a better man and for enriching him with a truck load of comedy material. Being a misfit as an engineer (technophobia, marriage to a former model and no geek-speak), Naveed is now a part-time MBA student at The University of California Berkeley's Haas School of Business. Currently, he serves as the Vice President of Business Development at a semiconductor company, Linear IC Inc. He did not kill his brain cells with any bad habits in his younger days, having secured the 5th position among 90,000 students in Bangladesh’s nationwide high school graduation examination – an accomplishment that earned him the prestigious Chancellor’s Award from the President of Bangladesh and a full scholarship through college.

Naveed is an avid traveler, having lived in and traveled to 23 countries in 5 continents. He plays the tabla (Indian drums), the piano and oh yes, tennis too. Naveed is married to Zara, his #1 supporter of his comedy pursuits. They have a little daughter, Zaina (and yes, Naveed has his cricket bat ready to fend off the boys) and live in sunny San Diego, CA.

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